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No time to slow down

Normally, winter weather is a reason to slow down, but this year there was little snow and milder temperatures, and we were glad because we had so much to do in the first part of 2024.
     We began with a trip January to the States to visit our family during the break between semester of The Baptist College International.  We are so glad we did, because shortly after that visit, Tim’s father began to show symptoms that were discovered to be advanced brain cancer.  Please pray for our family during this time.
     In February, the spring semester at TBCI began with Bible courses and practical training to prepare servant leaders to serve in the local churches.  Three of our students will graduate this May, others have applied to join our student body next year.  At our church in Timisoara, we have had several new University students from several different countries attending our services and participating in our Saturday student meetings. They seem to appreciate the fact that they are welcomed among our international congregation.
     The Christian Children’s Club (CCC) takes place every month of the school year. The theme this spring is “BIBLIOVENTURA: Under the Sea” and the children (and their parents) enjoy skits, Bible lessons and songs, games, crafts and food. This ministry continues to be one of the best ways to draw whole families to our church.  In fact we had 4 visitors for Easter as a direct result of CCC.
     The annual TBCI Youth Conference in April was a great success with our largest attendance ever – over 60 youth attended, the largest number came from Romania and also some from several other countries.

Pray for our family at this time of the near departure of Tim’s father, a faithful Christian and hero of our family heritage.

Timisoara Baptist Church

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Christian Children’s Club

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